FYUZ 2022: UfiSpace Recap


by Victor Khen

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From the most gastronomically vibrant event in the IT community to the most inspiring innovations to lead the telecom industry, FYUZ 2022, incorporated Open RAN Summit, Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Summit, and Metaverse Connectivity Summit. UfiSpace continued vision of further expansion of the open networking ecosystem to provide service providers with a sustainable approach to building internet networks.

New UfiSpace Open Networking Platforms Showcased at FYUZ 2022

This year, our booth was rich on new solutions as the company doubled its open routing portfolio during the past year adding some of the smallest platforms for access networks, as well as high capacity platforms that are used today to build the world largest routers, like distributed backbone router (DDBR).

S9502-16SMT - 1/10G disaggregated compact fanless open router, based on Broadcom QUX chipset, offering 32Gb switching capacity, designed with low maintenance in mind.

UfiSpace S9502-16SMT Fanless Disaggregated Cell Site Router DCSG

S9510-28DC - 25/100/400G disaggregated 400G OpenZR+ enabled open router based on Broadcom Q2A, offering 800Gbps switching capacity in 1RU form factor.

S9600-30DX - 25/100/400G disaggregated 100/400G OpenZR+ enabled open multi-service router based on Broadcom J2, featuring TCAM, 8GB deep buffer, and Intel Skylake-D CPU, offering 4.8Tbps switching capacity.

S9701-82DC - 25/100G disaggregated open core/edge router based on Broadcom J2C, featuring TCAM, 4GB deep buffer, Intel Skylake-D CPU, offering 2.4Tbps switching capacity standalone and up to 134Tbps service capacity in a cluster.

S9710-76D - 400G disaggregated open core/edge router based on Broadcom J2C+, featuring TCAM, 16GB deep buffer, Intel Skylake-D CPU, offering 14.4Tbps switching capacity standalone and up to 691.2Tbps service capacity in a cluster.

FYUZ 2022 Brings New Deployment and Development Announcements for Open Fixed-Broadband and Transport

In the epicenter of the event, Turkcell has made an announcement regarding their ongoing project. The service provider has successfully completed the industry's first DDBR deployment based on designs of Telecom Infra Project. The main building blocks of the DDBR within Turkcell's network are UfiSpace open core/edge routers, DriveNets network operating system DNOS, and others. Gediz Sezgin, chief technology officer of Turkcell, highlighted the cost efficiency of the new solutions, and expressed their expectations for high resilience and scalability.

The announcement was followed by the breakout session dedicated to development and vision of Open Fixed Broadband and Transport led by executives from Turkcell, Teraco, NEC, DriveNets, and UfiSpace. The panel group has highlighted the maturity of available solutions and growing number of communication service providers (CSP) who adopted the open networking approach. The executive members have also discussed the importance of inclusion of capacity to dynamically deploy new services, including monetization layers by communication service providers (CSP) when building next generation fixed-broadband and transport networks to avoid remaining as pure “connectivity pipes”.

During the breakout session Ray Chang, research and development director of UfiSpace, has presented DDBR vision, its extended application range with platforms added in 2022, available components, and future development with 800Gb and 1.6Tb interfaces for fabric and service ports.

UfiSpace Enlarged Solution Ecosystem with Integration of 3 Latest Optic Technologies

OpenZR+ - the coherent technology adopts higher order modulation, stronger FEC (Forward Error Correction) and transmitting signal with DWDM on two polarizations, allowing faster signal transmission over the longer distances (up to 450KM) and substituting a need for transponders.

XR Optics - industry first point to multipoint coherent pluggable technology that allows a single transceiver to generate numerous lower-speed subcarriers that can be independently steered to different destinations, optimizing optical transport infrastructure, significantly reducing number of transceivers and eliminating the need for intermediate aggregation.

Tibit MicroPlug OLT - the new optic technology integrates all the features of a traditional OLT chassis into an SFP+ transceiver module, allowing to eliminate the need for dedicated OLT chassis and concurrently use the deployed switch for other aggregation services.

For more information about UfiSpace's products and solutions, please contact our sales team or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and announcements.