Core Backbone

Open and Disaggregated Core Backbone Routers

Build a Future-Proof, Scalable Core and Edge Network

UfiSpace's core backbone solution provides an efficient architecture for service providers build highly scalable core and edge network infrastructures. Already deployed into some of the largest telecom core backbone networks in the world, our core routers help reduce inventory costs, simplify network management, and streamline maintenance services.

ddc architecture

Evolve from Monolithic Chassis to Routing Clusters

Traditional routing systems use monolithic chassis that are difficult to upgrade and lack flexibility. UfiSpace overcomes that by building a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) routing system with our S9700 Series of core routers. We distribute the line and fabric functions onto our core routers and interconnect them in a CLOS topology with cloud-native core and edge protocol software from our partners. This architecture allows service providers to achieve greater horizontal scalability and build routing clusters that grows together with their core network capacity needs. Service providers choose our S9700 series because we offer the widest selection of open core routers to meet all their needs for a flexible, pay-as-you-grow core network architecture.


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S9700 Series Core Router Building Blocks

Our S9700 Series offers 25/100/400G interfaces with the most advanced switching silicon to enable both P and PE router applications. Equipped with TCAM, deep buffers and a powerful CPU our S9700 routers provides a large FiB and high speed processing to meet high levels of QoS needed at the provider edge. To match the speed, bandwidth and reliability needed for P routers, our S9700 built as a DDC routing cluster enables multiple layers of redundancy and a pay-as-you-grow scalability from 2.8Tbps up to 691.2Tbps.


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