Introducing the UfiSpace S9710-76D


The UfiSpace S9710-76D, is a multi-function, high density 400GE switch that is equipped with Broadcom's Jericho2c+ merchant silicon and Intel Skylake-D processor. 

Our S9710-76D comes with 36 x 400GE QSFP-DD service ports and 14.4Tbps switching capacity making it suitable for data center core and data center interconnect (DCI). Additionally, it has an option to add TCAM (Broadcom OP2 BCM16K) for additional routing tables enabling telecom provider edge and core backbone applications. 

The S9710-76D also has 40x400GE fiber ports, which are used to interconnect with UfiSpace's S9705-48D fiber switch build a distributed disaggregated chassis routing cluster that can scale capacity up to 691Tbps. 

For more information about our S9710-76D and how it can evolve your network, please contact our sales