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At UfiSpace, we take pride in ourselves to be the industry’s leader for innovation and leading the way for the next generation of 5G open network solutions. Yet, not forgetting our humble beginnings, we also strive to bolster our ecosystem of partners in order to provide the best and most impactful solutions for our customers. Our customer centric values enabled UfiSpace to be the pioneer for disaggregating and open networking solutions with industry firsts for cell site gateways, the core network and edge network. Our focus has been high-end networking solutions to ensure our commitment to our customers for fast time-to-market and state-of-the-art disaggregated open networking platforms.

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A Letter from Our CEO in 2022

UfiSpace CEO Vincent Ho

First and foremost, our heart goes out to all those and their families who are still being affected by these unprecedented times. The effects of the pandemic have been felt by economies, households and businesses across the world. While no one could have predicted the nature and extent of the COVID19 pandemic, I would like to commend our partner ecosystem and our customers in their quick actions to keep a safe and healthy working environment while continuing the efforts to foster the development of open disaggregation within the industry.

Looking back, amidst the pandemic, UfiSpace has made major strides within our company and the industry. We are surviving the challenges of global semiconductor shortage through effective supply chain management by buying early and building up a buffer for our major components. We also expanded our service capabilities with ecosystem partners to bundle our solutions with value-added services in order to make it easier for customers to implement open network architectures. In order to drive innovation and explore the interoperability with disaggregated solution vendors, UfiSpace contributes to several new industry solutions such as Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP’s) OOPT, Fixed Broadband and OpenRAN groups. In addition, we’ve released several new product lines including a full line of disaggregated cell site gateways and multi-functioning aggregation routers, which are not only shortlisted on TIP’s OpenBNG RFI but selected by global tier one carriers to do the proof of concept (POC) and deployed at their Broadband Service

For 2022, our goal is to accelerate network transformation by providing customers with a full range of solution for implementing network disaggregation scenarios. We will also continually offer advancing integrated service with ecosystem partners to support network cost down against the backdrop of increasing traffic and capacity demands. To build a solid foundation, we will constantly invest in our R&D capabilities to come up with the most suitable solutions for our customers embrace the new normal of the COVID era. On top of that, we plan to launch a wide variety of product lines for both telecom and cloud service providers to enable even better options for their journey towards a disaggregated network infrastructure. Already we are expecting higher sales growth for this year due to our capability to cope with the pandemic demands and land new projects carried over from the previous year. As a leading solution provider for end to end 5G networking solutions, UfiSpace will keep contributing our technologies, research and newly developed solutions in order to foster open disaggregation within Industry.

5G Networking Technology & Engineering Experts

UfiSpace is an innovative 5G networking solution provider with an abundance of passion and energy to enhance the core values of our company. Engineering R&D accounts for 66% of our total headcount with majority of engineers having over 10 years of related working experience. All of our products go through rigorous third-party testing to ensure our system performance meets industry quality standards. Before third party testing, UfiSpace has the capability to validate hardware design, electrical design, mechanical design and system design.

Our software team designs and validates everything from hardware BIOS and platform drivers to application level APIs for NOS integration. This ensures that our products will be compatible with all major open networking operating systems. Additionally, our software team have prepared BSP to make third party NOS integration more efficient and speed up time to market deployments.

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Our Focus has been high-end networking solutions to ensure our commitment to our customers for fast Time-to-Market and State-of-the-Art disaggregated open networking platforms.

Spearheading an Ecosystem for Industry Development

In today's fast-pace networking environment, telecommunication and cloud service providers are looking for versatile, flexible, and scalable solutions that make it easy for them to deploy innovative technology that can power their services. That is why UfiSpace is leading our ecosystem of partners to bring the newest technologies to our industry and boost the development of 5G services. We have done so already with our S9500-30XS, said to be the telecom industry's first live deployment of disaggregated white box cell site gateway routers and our S9700 Series, which was the world's first live deployment of a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) Routing System. We continue to bring value to our customers by enabling them to be at the forefront of technological innovation and launch next generation services for their market.

Furthermore, to embody our dedication to accelerated growth and industry transformation, UfiSpace plays a leading role engaging with open networking groups such as Open Compute Project (OCP) and Telecom Infra Project (TIP). We not only contribute our product designs to the ecosystem, we also support our customers in the live deployment of our innovative solutions.

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