2022 / 11 / 28

UfiSpace Receives 29th Annual SME Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan

New Taipei, Taiwan, October, 28, 2022 -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions, announced today that their 400G high-density disaggregated core/edge router solution has won the SME Innovation Research Award from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The SME division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has nominated 30 leading companies in various domains according to industry impact and outstanding performance during the global pandemic. UfiSpace has been acknowledged for its continuous growth and contribution to the development of cutting-edge routing platforms, including their latest S9710-76D open core router.

The S9710-76D is one of the latest additions to UfiSpace’s open disaggregated core/edge routing solution and was presented earlier this year. The high density 400G router is based on dual Broadcom’s Jericho2c+ ASICs, which features TCAM, 16GB deep buffer, 36x 400G QSFP-DD service ports, 40x 400G QSFP-DD fabric ports, and rich timing interfaces. The highlight of UfiSpace open disaggregated core edge routers is that they can be deployed standalone or in cluster configurations as a distributed disaggregated chassis (DDC). The DDC cluster approach enables better optimized network buildouts with a pay-as-you-grow model for scaling out capacity. For S9710-76D, standalone capacity reaches 14.4Tbpps and a DDC cluster can reach up to 692Tbps.

With ever-growing demand for data traffic and 5G’s rapid market entry, the S9710-76D serves as a reliable platform for building high capacity, highly scalable core/edge networks with flexible deployment models.

About UfiSpace
UfiSpace is a leading provider for end-to-end 5G networking solutions for telecommunication companies, cloud service providers and data centers. Through passion, dedication, and engineering excellence, our innovative 5G technologies has led to worldwide deployments of our disaggregated cell site gateway routers (DCSG) and the world's first Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) routing system for a disaggregated IP/MPLS backbone. With a vertically integrating supply chain, we deliver high quality and cost-effective open networking solutions with the goal of accelerating industry growth and lowering the costs of 5G deployments for our customers. To keep updated with UfiSpace's latest activities please follow us on LinkedIn.

UfiSpace Media Contact:
Allison Chen