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UfiSpace provides end-to-end open and disaggregated architecture solutions for next generation networks

Wireless Wonders: Exploring in-Building Solutions and Private Networks

In-building wireless is the optimal solution to improve indoor signal coverage. Here, we will discuss this concept in more detail to see how it can be realized for public and private mobile networks in a cost-effective way...

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UfiSpace is all about open connectivity. Our world now has more people and machines being connected than ever before. UfiSpace strives to give our customers the tools they need to build reliable communication networks. By offering a seamless migration to open and disaggregated network architectures we are helping service providers to improve efficiencies, remove vendor lock-in, and reduce network management costs.

Accelerate Solutions Development
Implement Software Defined Networks
Utilize Merchant Silicon
Minimize CAPEX & OPEX

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Which Is the Best Network for Your Enterprise?

When evaluating network options for an enterprise, the distinct attributes of Private LTE and Wi-Fi networks play a crucial role in shaping the decision-making process.

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Types of data centers

Industry estimates suggest that hyperscale data centers comprise merely 7% of the total global data centers. This guide navigates through the most common types of data centers, their distinguishing traits, and the benefits each can offer.

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Artificial Intelligence Application

Explore some more features brought by TD4 that's being adopted by UfiSpace's data center portfolio and see how could we build up a high efficiency and high performance data center network.

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