Streamline Networks with 400G Open Aggregation Routers


by Andrew Lui

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The aggregation network may mean different things to different network operators, but, no matter if you are an MNO, MSO, or a wholesale fiber operator, one thing is for certain. The aggregation network is getting more complex.

The telecommunications industry has been consolidating for years, leading to many operators owning networks composed of multiple types and generations of technologies. In the past each piece of consolidated network came with its own infrastructure and team of operators. Now with costs on the rise, the explosive demand for more bandwidth and the speed in which new technologies are introduced, network operators are finding it increasingly difficult to manage so many networks.

Open and Disaggregated Solutions to Support Multi-Service Networks

Simplifying networks has been on the minds of many multi-service network operators who are looking for ways to reduce the cost of management for their networks.

One way to simplify network management is by converging mobile and fixed networks into a streamlined transport network to utilize the same backhaul. Another way is to simplify network management is to reduce the number of high-maintenance components within the network such as IP/Optical convergence.

Open and disaggregated network architectures have made simplifying multi-service networks easier to implement for operators. Utilizing well-featured white box platforms with a dynamic routing software, service providers can begin converging while expanding network bandwidth. This is made possible with open and disaggregated solutions using UfiSpace’s S9600-56DX white box platform with IP Infusion’s latest 6.3 version of OcNOS.

Streamline Fixed and Mobile Networks with S9600-56DX

Fixed networks typically require high bandwidth to address the massive amount of data used in residential homes and at offices. Mobile networks, while also needing bandwidth would more importantly require accurate timing synchronization.

UfiSpace’s S9600-56DX comes with 48x 100G ports to aggregate various services coming in from the access and 8x 400G ports for higher bandwidth services and backhaul. With 4.8Tbps switching capacity per router, network operators can aggregate next-gen. services with a future-proof network with enough capacity for expansions.

The S9600-56DX also has a variety of timing interfaces including GNSS, 1PPS, 10Mhz and ToD to deliver the advanced clock accuracy measurement capabilities needed for mobile networks. Furthermore, the GNSS port can support Grand Master clock functions, further reducing the need for additional timing equipment.

Reducing Components in DWDM Network with S9600-56DX

DWDM networks require a transponder to convert signals between router and the optical line system. With the disaggregation of the transponder from the line system and new developments in transceiver technologies. We can now input the transponder functions into transceivers, which reduces the amount of space, power, cooling and maintenance needed.

UfiSpace’s S9600-56DX comes with 8x 400G QSFP-DD ports that support 400ZR and OpenZR+ transceivers. Collaborating with the industry’s leading transceiver vendors, the S9600-56DX can efficiently reduce the need for transponders for DWDM aggregation networks requiring long-haul up to 650km.

The benefits associated with using 400ZR+ pluggable modules include the following:
Reducing complexity of long-haul network infrastructure
Streamlining traffic flow to a single aggregation network
Reducing the amount of space, power, and equipment needed for DWDM systems
Decreasing the number of network elements needed
Enabling network managers to leverage L3 protocols

The capabilities of the S9600-56DX platform have been further magnified thanks to the support of the OcNOS 6.3 software. Together, this dynamic disaggregated networking solution can provide network operators with exceptional scalability and improve network efficiency.

OcNOS-AGGR on S9600-56DX

IP Infusion’s OcNOS is enabling the S9600-56DX to support a variety of use cases for both the broadband aggregation and edge routing. The versatility of our solution gives network operators an opportunity to simplify their network’s inventory, reduce the complexity of managing spare parts and streamlining service maintenance throughout their network. Use cases include:
Fixed wireless aggregation
Mobile network aggregation
Ethernet and cable internet aggregation
Passive optical network aggregation
Provider network
Routed optical network

To enable so many use cases, the OcNOS software comes with an abundance of support including services (L2VPN, L3VPN and EVPN), transport (SRv6, MPLS, and VXLAN), OAM and resiliency. For more details on the features supported by OcNOS on our S9600-56DX, please read about it in their blog.

For more information about our S9600-56DX, please contact our sales team.

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