2023 / 03 / 08

UfiSpace Routers Host Infinera and Corning World Record 400G Transmission Across 2,400 Kilometers

New Taipei, Taiwan, March, 8, 2023 -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions, in collaboration with Infinera and Corning Incorporated, successfully demonstrated a 400G single-wavelength transmission across 2,400 kilometers of Corning’s TXF optical fiber using Infinera’s ICE-X 400G QSFP-DD intelligent coherent pluggable solution.

The demonstration showcased Infinera’s ICE-X 400G intelligent coherent pluggable solution with Corning’s ultra-low-loss TXF fiber, which was hosted in UfiSpace’s S9700-23D 400G disaggregated core and edge routers. The demonstration also revealed the advanced features supported by Infinera’s line of ICE-X intelligent coherent pluggable including integrated system-level intelligence, programmable modulation, tuneable baud rate, efficient spectrum utilization, and 0 dBm launch power.

The S9700-23D is part of UfiSpace’s S9700 series of open core and edge routers that were originally designed to function as P and PE routers within service provider core backbone networks. Using a distributed and disaggregated approach to the traditionally monolithic chassis core routers, UfiSpace’s S9700 series brings more flexibility and allows service providers to scale their core network’s capacity with a pay-as-you-grow model. The demonstration with Infinera and Corning shines another use case for the S9700 series in the optical long-haul network.

Read Infinera and Corning’s full press release here.

UfiSpace Media Contact:
Allison Chen