2023 / 01 / 17

UfiSpace Launches 400G High-Density Open Aggregation Router for High-Capacity Core Backbone, DCI, Peering, and Internet Gateways

New Taipei, Taiwan, January, 17, 2023 -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions, announced today a product launch of the 400G high-density aggregation router, the S9610-36D.

With rapid progress in the development of mobile and fixed-broadband networks, service providers are looking for the most effective and futureproof solutions for their networks. S9610-36D is designed to address emerging demand from service providers in migration to 400G interfaces, which offer better space and power efficiency. This platform can be deployed standalone, or as spine-switch in spine-and-leaf architecture, providing operators' networks with higher resilience, capacity, and scale.

The S9610-36D is built with Broadcom's Jericho2c+ silicon that offers 14.4Tbps switching capacity, and features 36x 400G QSFP-DD interfaces, 16GB deep buffer, and high-capacity memory TCAM for faster processing of large routing tables making it an effective solution for core backbone, data center interconnect (DCI), internet exchange points, peering, internet gateways, as well as high-capacity metro aggregation. The availability of versatile timing interfaces and compliance with Class-C timing synchronization standard, provides service providers with additional flexibility when planning timing synchronization across their networks.

The S9610-36D joins UfiSpace's field-proven portfolio of open aggregation routers, which includes high density 10/25/100/400G options available in 1U and 2U form factors, with switching capacities ranging from 300Gbps to 14.4Tbps. With their disaggregated architecture, these routers are flexible and scalable, allowing service providers to build and expand their networks as needed to meet the demands of their customers

For more information about the S9610-36D multi-service open aggregation router, please contact UfiSpace. Follow UfiSpace's LinkedIn for the latest updates on new products, applications and case studies.

UfiSpace Media Contact:
Nicole Chen