2023 / 07 / 04

UfiSpace Joins the Ranks of Vendors with End-to-End Data Center Switch Offering

New Taipei, Taiwan, July 4, 2023  -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open and disaggregated transport network solutions, announced today that it had completed its data center portfolio offering, which now includes spine and leaf switches ranging from 1G to 400G port speeds. This milestone positions UfiSpace as a prominent player in the open networking switching and routing solutions market for data centers.

UfiSpace is leading the momentum to become a recognized leader in open networking switching and routing solutions for telecoms. On its quest it already made a news becoming a go-to vendor for disaggregated cell site gateways, aggregation, and core router solutions with announcements from such telecommunications service providers as AT&T and others.

In response to the demands of telecommunications and data center end-users, UfiSpace harnessed its R&D and manufacturing expertise to create a new portfolio of data center switches powered by the latest Broadcom silicones - Trident3 and Trident4. UfiSpace to offer modern, cost-efficient, and feature-rich data center solutions that cater to the needs of today's data centers while maintaining scalability for accommodating the ever-increasing data rates.

"We carefully listened to our partners, and used our switch design prowess to deliver a networking portfolio tailored to the modern network demands," says Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. "We will continue expanding our data center portfolio to ensure our partners always have access to cutting-edge solutions that empower them to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry."

In addition to its hardware advancements, UfiSpace has placed significant emphasis on software support. The company has diligently ensured timely releases of community SONIC support for each platform, while also regularly updating its portfolio with commercial network operating system (NOS) options. Notably, UfiSpace's portfolio now includes support for Arrcus ArcOS and IP Infusion OcNOS, covering a significant portion of its offerings.

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UfiSpace is a leading provider of 5G networking solutions for telecoms, cloud service providers, and data centers. Our innovative technologies have enabled global deployments of Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway routers (DCSG) and the world's first Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) routing system. With a vertically integrated supply chain, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective open networking solutions to accelerate industry growth and lower 5G deployment costs. 
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