2023 / 07 / 19

UfiSpace Delivers Nano-Second Timing Accuracy to O-RAN Deployments with 5G Timing Adapter.

New Taipei, Taiwan, July 19, 2023 -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open and disaggregated transport network solutions, proudly announces the release of the N3100-4C 5G Timing Adapter. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the field of 5G networks by enabling Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers with exceptional nano-second timing accuracy.

In today's 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) installations, precise timing synchronization plays a vital role in achieving optimal network performance. UfiSpace rises to this challenge with the N3100-4C, a cutting-edge solution that supports synchronization methods like 1588 PTP, SyncE, or a combination of both, meeting the rigorous Class C timing accuracy standards. Furthermore, UfiSpace has incorporated hardware enhancements to elevate reliability and precision, ensuring seamless and efficient network operations.

The N3100-4C is compact. It encompasses Intel's FPGA, OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator), 4x 25G SFP28 service interfaces, as well as GNSS, 1PPS, and 10MHz timing interfaces, all ingeniously fitted within a standard half-height half-length (HHHL) NIC.

Another key highlight is the integration of the PTP stack and servo directly onto the card, eliminating the need for any additional PTP stack and servo software on host server. This groundbreaking development significantly reduces timing synchronization latency and enables more efficient host server computing resource utilization.

To ensure uninterrupted performance, the N3100-4C features a Stratum 3E OCXO, maintaining precise timing accuracy even in holdover situations. With a phase error of just several nanoseconds for over four hours , the N3100-4C guarantees reliable timing synchronization.

The N3100-4C complies with IEEE 1588 (PTP) standards, supporting Grand Master (GM), Boundary Clock (BC), Slave, and G.8275.1 Telecom profile. Its supports G.8272 (G.8272.1) PRTC PTP Performance, G.8273.2 T-BC & T-TSC Class C, and G.8262 EEC/G.8262.1 eEEC/G.8264 ESM timing synchronization standards. The solution ensures failover scenarios are fully supported, while providing precise monitoring of GNSS clock quality and jamming, along with exceptional holdover performance.

The N3100-4C addresses a wide range of use cases, including 4G and 5G O-RAN (Open RAN), generic cellular backhaul and fronthaul, data centers, High-Frequency Trading (HFT), and industrial automation. O-RAN, in particular, relies on stringent time synchronization requirements to ensure end-to-end latency and spectral efficiency.

As a champion of open, intelligent, virtualized, and fully interoperable RAN solutions, UfiSpace's N3100-4C represents a significant leap forward in achieving efficient infrastructure connectivity for high-speed and synchronized network connections. By providing precise timing synchronization, UfiSpace empowers organizations to meet the demanding requirements of modern 5G networks and unlock new possibilities for seamless communication.

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