2021 / 02 / 24

UfiSpace and EPS Global Partner to Provide Next Gen. Open Disaggregated Solutions

New Taipei, Taiwan and Dublin, Ireland, February 23rd, 2021 - UfiSpace, the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions and EPS Global, a worldwide distributor of open networking solutions from industry-pioneering manufacturers, today announced their partnership to provide a next generation of open disaggregation solutions for Service Providers all around the world. This partnership means that EPS Global will distribute UfiSpace's disaggregated cell site gateways for aggregating current and next-gen. equipment at cell sites and UfiSpace's disaggregated open routers to enable a pay-as-you-grow network capacity upgrades in the IP/MPLS core and IP edge networks.

"We are happy to partner with EPS Global to extend our reach on a global scale and increase the services we can provide to our customers. We believe that with UfiSpace's engineering expertise and experience in open disaggregation deployments combined with EPS Global's superior tech support and capabilities in global logistics, we can better support our customers in their journey to transform their networks towards open disaggregation with efficiency and keeping TCO down." – Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace.

"We are delighted to announce this global distribution agreement with UfiSpace," commented Colin Lynch, CEO of EPS Global. "We're working with Service Providers all over the world to help them alleviate some of the challenges they have with managing the spiraling costs of proprietary solutions, along with providing capacity on their networks in an time of unprecedented remote working and learning. UfiSpace brings something new to the table, not only do they have disaggregated solutions for the cell site, but they also offer disaggregated core and edge routers as well. The addition of these products to our open networking product offering allows us to offer even more choice to our Service Provider customers to deploy open, disaggregated, and standards-based solutions that will deliver the high-quality connectivity their customers demand."

UfiSpace and EPS Global have both recently joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) Solution Provider program and you can find their products and solutions on the OCP Marketplace. As an avid contributor to the open networking ecosystem, you can also find UfiSpace's cell site gateway and disaggregated open router contributed specifications and designs from OCP's website.


About UfiSpace

UfiSpace is a leading provider for end-to-end 5G networking solutions for telecommunication companies, cloud service providers and data centers. Through passion, dedication, and engineering excellence our innovative 5G technology has led to worldwide deployments of our disaggregated cell site gateway routers (DCSG) and the industry's first disaggregated open routers (DOR) for both the IP/MPLS core and IP edge networks. With a vertically integrating supply chain, we deliver high quality and cost-effective open networking solutions with the goal of accelerating industry growth and lowering the costs of 5G deployments for our customers. Additional information about UfiSpace and our solutions can be found at


About EPS Global

EPS Global was established in 1999 and is a leading franchised distributor for specialized IT components and semiconductors used in data networking and storage, virtualization, cloud, and the Internet of Things. EPS Global sits at the center of the open networking ecosystem, bringing together hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. EPS's Engineering team offers advice on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments. EPS has local language and currency support in each of its 28 locations, and provides stock availability from its regional distribution hubs worldwide, minimizing lead times. For more information see