2023 / 04 / 19

UfiSpace and Arrcus Demonstrate Interoperability of Open Routers in EANTC's 2023 Test

New Taipei, Taiwan, April, 19, 2023  --  UfiSpace , the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions, in collaboration with Arrcus , successfully participated in EANTCs annual MPLS SDN interoperability test.

EANTC's 2023 Interoperability Test was dedicated to testing the latest 5G transport implemented in the fronthaul and backhaul. It was an important opportunity for UfiSpace and Arrcus to demonstrate their capabilities and interoperability in the field of MPLS SDN, which is essential for 5G networks.transport

"As new network technologies evolve, so do EANTC's test areas. This year we primarily focused on technologies serving 5G network use cases," says Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director of EANTC. "UfiSpace and Arrcus delivered disaggregated routing solutions that showed impressive MPLS SDN capabilities."

By participating in various scenarios involving EVPN, SRv6, and SR-MPLS technologies, UfiSpace and Arrcus showed that their open and disaggregated solutions can support advanced features such as network slicing, traffic engineering, policing, and packet network as, synchronize well other leading routing solution manufacturers. These tests also validated the performance, scalability, and reliability of UfiSpace's S9600-72XC, a 25/100G multi-service aggregation router integrated with Arrcus's ArcOS NOS.

"We are thrilled to participate in the EANTC interoperability tests with UfiSpace for the second consecutive year. It is a great opportunity for us to put our updated platform to the test alongside other leading routing solutions," says Shekar Ayyar, chairman and CEO of Arrcus "We are continuously innovating and over the past year, have significantly enhanced traffic engineering features in ArcOS, providing superior flexibility, performance, and security. We are excited to showcase the new capabilities of our NOS during the interoperability, high commitments tests deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers."

"For our partners who transition to disaggregated network architectures, interoperability is as critical as ever," says Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. We are glad that UfiSpace and Arrcus can continuously provide market with versatile hardware and software platforms, that offer both, cutting-edge features and interoperability with the latest routing solutions."

The interoperability tests involved 16 vendors, including the biggest names in networking, coming together at EANTC's lab in Berlin, Germany to complete over 61 test cases evaluating multi-vendor combinations. The results were showcased live at MPLS SD & AI Net World Congress in Paris and a detailed description of the test scenarios and results are published on EANTC's website. For full test report please follow this link.

EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading independent test labs for telecommunication technologies. Based in Berlin, Germany, the company offers vendor-neutral, realistic, and high-quality testing and consultancy services for vendors, service providers, and enterprises. EANTC's performance and scalability, interoperability, proof of concept, acceptance tests, and network audits cover established and next-generation fixed and mobile network technologies. Our technical expertise focuses on network technologies like 5G, Open RAN, SD-WAN, and security testing. We organize a unique style of interoperability and performance test events covering advanced technologies such as SDN transport and Open RAN.

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