How Service Providers are Using DCSGs to Build Flexibility into their Network


This webinar will provide insight into why telecom service providers are beginning their open disaggregation journey at the cell site with disaggregated cell site gateways and the benefits achieved by doing so. Additionally, this webinar will dive into how disaggregated cell site gateways are being utilized by going into some use cases from telecom deployments.

In this webinar you will learn:
Why the cell site gateway is the best place to begin disaggregating your network
What are the options available for implementing a cell site gateway router
How other telecoms are using the cell site gateways in their network
What are the benefits and value gained by telecoms using the DCSG

About the Speakers

Ray Chang Ray Chang
Director Reasearch & Development, UfiSpace
Barry McGinley Barry McGinley
Systems Engineer, EPS Global

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