Transforming 5G Networks With Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways


Open architecture is a new wave towards the 5G infrastructure, and it enables fast innovation, agile deployment and lower TCO. TIP's DCSG is the first step towards an open 5G architecture. From a basic application to advance service deployment, it fulfills the demands needed for every scenario and enables a next-generation transport network.

In this webinar, you will learn how APT, an operator from Taiwan, embraces the open architecture and takes a leap towards future networks. Key topics include:

• Key challenges in adoption of DCSG
• How operators can benefit from TIP's DCSG solution
• APT DCSG case sharing

About the Speakers

Ray Chang Ray Chang
Director Reasearch & Development, UfiSpace
Diego Moreton Diego Mari Moreton
Connectivity Technologies and Ecosystems Manager, Facebook
Shaji Nathan Shaji Nathan
VP of Product Marketing, IP Infusion
Sterling Perrin
Principal Analyst, Optical Networking & Transport, Heavy Reading

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