Introducing the S9501-18SMT


The S9501-18SMT is built to bring versatility, flexibility and lower TCO to the access network. Utilizing the Broadcom's QUX chip, our S9501-18SMT enables 5G private networks, microwave backhaul networks, aggregation and more. 

The S9501-18SMT is equipped with 4 1G RJ45, 8 1G SFP and 6 10G SFP+ service ports with rich timing interfaces (GNSS, 1PPS, 10MHz, and ToD) to fully support SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 timing synchronization. It provides 1GB deep buffer with 64Gbps switching capacity and 87.5Mpps throughput. Furthermore, the S9501-18SMT provides Class C timing accuracy with UfiSpace's in-house developed timing module. 

For more information on the S9501-28SMT, please contact our sales team.