Introducing the UfiSpace S9500-22XST

The UfiSpace's S9500-22XST is a lightweight, energy efficient disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG) with RJ45 compatibility. It is the lightweight version of UfiSpace's renowned S9500-30XS. It provides more flexibility at the cell site using 100M/1G RJ45 and 1G/10G/25G service ports to connect to both legacy and next gen. BBUs. With backhaul up to 40G/100G, the cell site will be ready for 5G services.

It fully supports 1588v2 and SyncE timing synchronization with a wide range of timing interfaces including 1PPS, 10MHz, BITS and TOD. Additionally, the S9500-22XST can function as a timing grand master with GNSS/GPS. The S9500-22XST is futureproofed with a power processor, 2GB deep buffer and Broadcom's Qumran-AX merchant silicon chip. It is a TIP compliant open network white box solution that can support open standard NOS applications for flexibility in management, orchestration and feature expansions.

If you want to know more about our S9500-22XST, please contact our sales team.