Distributed Disaggregated Chassis vs Traditional Chassis

DDC stands for Distributed Disaggregated Chassis.
It is an industry first disaggregated routing system designed by UfiSpace in collaboration with DriveNets and Broadcom. The DDC breaks apart the traditional chassis routing system by "Distributing" the chassis components into easy to manage, standalone "Disaggregated" white boxes. The backplane replaced with interconnected with cables forming a "Chassis" in a CLOS topology.

UfiSpace's DDC is designed to be easier to install, manage, and maintain, while meeting all the technical requirements of a carrier-grade core and edge routing system. It is easily scalable and more flexible than the traditional monolithic chassis, capable of implementing a pay-as-you-grow model for scaling core network capacity anywhere from 4Tbs to 192Tbs.

Learn more about the differences between a distributed disaggregated chassis versus a traditional chassis from our video.

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