2023 / 11 / 07

UfiSpace won the "32nd National Award for Outstanding SMEs" from the Small, Medium, and New Enterprises Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs!

New Taipei, Taiwan, November 7, 2023 

UfiSpace won the "32nd National Award for Outstanding SMEs" from the Small, Medium, and New Enterprises Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The National Award was held on November 7, 2023. President Tsai Ing-wen personally presented the award to the outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises.
The National Award for Outstanding SMEs is an exclusive national recognition for small and medium-sized enterprises. By honoring exceptional small and medium-sized enterprises, it encourages a benchmarking model for the SME sector. The awarded enterprises' business models can be published nationally, influencing the collaborative relationships among all small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. Learning from successful models, inspiring one another, and accelerating corporate advancement are key objectives.
After nearly four months of a three-stage review process, which included qualification review, preliminary assessment (including on-site visits), and final selection, the 32nd National Award for Outstanding SMEs has ultimately chosen seven award-winning companies. These companies have shown steady growth in the midst of global economic challenges, demonstrating remarkable resilience. They have also proactively integrated elements of innovation and local development into crucial areas like net-zero carbon emissions and digital transformation. They are responsive to the government's ESG policies and work collaboratively with the government in the collective pursuit of Taiwan's 2050 net-zero transformation.
“We are extremely honored to receive this recognition,” said Vincent Ho, UfiSpace CEO. “ In the future, we will continue to demand the highest standards of ourselves and actively develop sustainable products with low power consumption and drive the development of open-network architecture solutions.” 
UfiSpace is a proponent of the new generation of open network architecture solutions, integrating the industrial chain to establish a comprehensive 5G ecosystem. They employ an innovative business model centered around open architecture for 5G equipment and pursue a technological innovation strategy focused on achieving technological autonomy. The client, a major international telecommunications operator, has successfully integrated into the global supply chain. They place significant emphasis on ESG considerations and have established a dedicated sustainability team. With clearly defined goals, impressive operational performance, and substantial future development potential, these factors are the primary reasons for their selection.

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