2021 / 04 / 20

UfiSpace's DCSG Part of HTC and Kaohsiung City's 5G Standalone Private Network

HTC and Kaohsiung City jointly announced the launch of Taiwan's first 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network and Edge Cloud VR Solution. Deployed at Kaohsiung's "KOSMOSPOT x VIVELAND" development zone, their 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network and Edge Cloud VR Solution is open to the public for Taiwan consumers and enterprises.

"HTC's 5G Standalone Architecture private network and Edge Cloud VR solutions can clear the bottleneck encountered by enterprise applications in the past, and provides enterprises with a complete 5G solution with low build cost, minimal space requirements, and a high degree of vertical integration and modular services." - HTC PR

UfiSpace's S9500-30XS disaggregated cell site gateway was used as part of the private network to handle small cell aggregation as well as backhauling data back to the 5G Core. The private network enables high bandwidth applications such as real-time video monitoring, VR/XR/AR, as well as 4K/8K video and audio applications. This in turn will provide companies with the network necessary to improve operational performance such as simulated training and collaborative cloud management education systems. 

Read the full press release here.

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