2022 / 01 / 07

UfiSpace Brings Open Aggregation Routers to Develop Open BNG Solutions within TIP's Fixed Broadband Project Group

New Taipei, Taiwan, January, 07, 2022 -- UfiSpace, a leading provider in disaggregated network solutions, announced their participation in Telecom Infra Project's (TIP's) Fixed Broadband (FiBr) Project Group to develop open and disaggregated broadband network gateway (BNG) products to address the growing demands for bandwidth.

The TIP FiBr Project Group, focuses on developing new disaggregated and open network technologies in order for operators to provide fixed broadband services in a more flexible and efficient way. The group builds on TIP's Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) Project Group, developing Open BNG and OLT based on open standards developed by forums such as Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and Broadband Forum (BBF). The FiBr group is supported by major operators including BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, and Vodafone.
"TIP has created a great framework to support the development and adoption of fast and reliable broadband services," says Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. "UfiSpace is thrilled to collaborate with the Fixed Broadband Project Group to respond to high-bandwidth need with our BNG routers."

In December 2021, UfiSpace was shortlisted by operator participants from the FiBr Project Group for their Open BNG RFI. The operators from the project group will soon begin planning their validation criteria and begin testing the technologies brought forth by the suppliers. UfiSpace's S9600 series of open aggregation routers will be a part of the test and validation process.

"We welcome UfiSpace's participation to the Fixed Broadband Project Group," says Bruno Cornaglia, Co-Chair of TIP FiBr Project Group. "It is a great addition and we look forward to UfiSpace's contribution in fostering the availability of fast and reliable broadband services across the world."

UfiSpace has been a strong enabler of open and disaggregated solutions to support operators improve efficiencies and provide more opportunities to improve their network infrastructure. Ever since joining TIP, UfiSpace's products have demonstrated strong interoperability and flexibility within the ecosystem. UfiSpace has also contributed their disaggregated cell site gateways to TIP's Open Optical & Packet Transport Project, which was the industry's first white box solution to be adopted into an operator's live transport network.

About UfiSpace
UfiSpace is a leading provider for end-to-end 5G networking solutions for telecommunication companies, cloud service providers and data centers. Through passion, dedication, and engineering excellence, our innovative 5G technologies has led to worldwide deployments of our disaggregated cell site gateway routers (DCSG) and the world's first Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) routing system for a disaggregated IP/MPLS backbone. With a vertically integrating supply chain, we deliver high quality and cost-effective open networking solutions with the goal of accelerating industry growth and lowering the costs of 5G deployments for our customers. To keep updated with UfiSpace's latest activities please follow us on LinkedIn.

About the Telecom Infra Project
The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations that are driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity. Half of the world's population is still not connected to the internet, and for those who are, connectivity is often insufficient. This limits access to the multitude of consumer and commercial benefits provided by the internet, thereby impacting GDP growth globally. However, a lack of flexibility in the current solutions - exacerbated by a limited choice in technology providers - makes it challenging for operators to efficiently build and upgrade networks. Founded in 2016, TIP is a community of diverse participants that includes hundreds of companies - from service providers and technology partners, to systems integrators and other connectivity stakeholders. We are working together to develop, test and deploy open, disaggregated, and standards-based solutions that deliver the high quality connectivity that the world needs - now and in the decades to come. Find out more:

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