vBASe: Network & Service Delivery Webinar

2022 ⋅ 11/22 - 11/22


Broadband continues its expansion remaining a vital infrastructure to drive innovation and breach the digital divide.

This year we are joining a webinar with Broadband Forum, Network & Service Delivery - Private Networks, Slicing and Assured Service Delivery. Broadband Forum is an industry leading community of communication service providers and vendors, that facilitates broadband technologies innovation.

During our session, our VP of Technical Sales, Kei Lee, will provide an overview of disaggregated solutions available for different segments of the CSP transport network. What benefits service providers who adopted the new solutions reap today with an example of OpenBNG, and how the disaggregated solutions will benefit in migration to fixed-mobile convergence.

Topics addressed will include:
Available disaggregated platforms for cloud-native infrastructure
Benefits of disaggregated platforms based on example of OpenBNG
How disaggregated platforms pave the way for converged networks
New additions to UfiSpace’s open networking solution ecosystem