Hyperscale Data Center

Open Networking 400G Switches

400G Data Center Network Evolution

From the cloud, hyperscale computing is enabling all types of services to make our everyday lives more convenient. The demand on bandwidth drives hyperscale data centers to higher speeds and more efficient architectures. UfiSpace leads the development of open network data center solutions, offering a complete white box switch portfolio to support the migration of cloud infrastructures to 400G and beyond.

Addressing the Challenges of Data Centers

The challenges for hyperscale data centers are always revolving around performance, space, power efficiency and management. UfiSpace's switches are designed to address those challenge with leading edge switching ASICs, compact form factors and high port densities to maximize performance and minimize power consumption. Our open data center switches are ideal for spine and leaf deployments to offer a highly flexible and upgradable network architecture with high bandwidth traffic aggregation, which enables versatile applications ranging from gaming and video streaming to big data processing for artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things.


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Enhanced Supporting Features of S9300 Series

UfiSpace's S9300 Series offers a balance for features, performance and programmability. Equipped with Broadcom’s Trident 4 silicon with a high performance 8-core Intel CPU, our switches offer dense 400G and 200G service interfaces with up to 12.7Tbps switching capacity. To support a fast-paced environment and adapt to the rapid evolution of data center applications our switches enable features such as in-band telemetry, dynamic load balancing, and large scale forwarding databases with flexible allocations to enable new packet processing use cases and optimize our switches for new services.


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