Monitor, manage, and optimize the performance and operation of your network with UfiSpace NetGence

UfiSpace NetGence Network Management System (NMS)

UfiSpace offers a single pane of glass for network-wide visibility and management. It incorporates rich monitoring and control tools to simplify and automate management of UfiSpace products, so you can achieve the highest levels of network performance and service assurance. NetGence consists of a network management platform and FCAPS management, modular and containerized deployment for reducing costs and provisioning new services quickly.

Global Dashboard

Instantly see an in-depth view of your entire network.

Node Discovery

Automate detection and onboarding of NetGence managed devices.

Topology Viewer

Visually design, inspect and manage your network topology.

Network Provisioning

Enables devices to be configured by using the designated network protocol.

Network Analysis

Monitor key performance indicators. Generate report for analysis to optimize the network configuration.

Fault Management

Monitor network health with real-time notifications of preset or customized events.

Security Management

Ensure the system security with multiple security mechanism and flexible administrative control.

OSS Integration

Subscribe to forward inventory, alarms and performance data to OSS system.


Key Highlights

Universal Network Control and Management

NetGence offers an intuitive web 2.0 GUI for holistic network management via a standard browser. It consolidates equipment info, statistics, and traffic history into user-friendly visuals. Administrators can build topologies, configure routing, and monitor node status in real time.

Real-time Health Monitoring

Monitor your network and devices with customizable event management. Real-time events are consolidated for full visibility, with a priority tag manager highlighting critical issues. Access a three-year history database with a powerful search tool for quick analysis. Receive alarms and notifications for timely response.