2020 / 03 / 17

[英文] UfiSpace Collaborates with Telecom Infra Project on a New Disaggregated Open Router Initiative!

UfiSpace will be part of a new TIP project ! The Open Optical & Packet Transport Project Group is launching a new initiative focused on the development of Disaggregated Open Routers (DOR), led by KDDI and Vodafone. As a TIP member, we have already participated in the collaboration of TIP's Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway Router (DCSG) with our S9500-30XS cell site gateway router, which will help carriers support their high bandwidth requirements for 5G cell site backhaul.

UfiSpace is the first to revolutionize the telecommunication industry by moving optical connection at speeds never thought possible. Now UfiSpace is leading the pack with the 5G network white-box solution platforms by providing major carrier network operators with the solutions necessary to deploy, maintain, futureproof and scale up their 5G networks. Our 400GE optical connection carrying live internet traffic is not only preliminary tests, but an actual deployment in carriers’ 5G networks. As part of our collaboration with the DOR project, we will be contributing our expertise and experience on new disaggregated open routers to the TIP community.

To accelerate the innovation of disaggregated network operating system, partnerships within a broad ecosystem is needed. So, UfiSpace will also be making our disaggregated open router available to the public through TIP. We are excited to be part of the new DOR project and cannot wait to see how we continue to evolve the telecom network infrastructure with our innovative and industry leading solutions.

Read more about TIP's new project announcement.

Media Contact:
Nicole Chen