Spearheading The Next Generation White Box Networking Solutions

UfiSpace’s R&D team has been at the forefront of the network communications industry, and its close relationship with the chip suppliers has helped to retain their vitality and leap in technology.

UfiSpace has provided the industry’s first 400G switch to the largest telecom operator in North America. The success of the actual deployment has also given the team their ability to have a breakthrough in key cutting-edge technologies. Whether it’s for cloud or telecom networks, UfiSpace is able to provide complete solutions tailored to the needs of these fields.

Usage Scenarios Enhancements with 5G

Typical application scenarios of 5G

Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB: main applications such as AR/VR peak speeds up to 10Gbps, or 3D/UHD VIDEO)

The connection number is up to 1 million per square kilometer of the large connected Internet of Things (mMTC). The common Internet connection should be like smart home, smart city, M2M.

Highly reliable communication (uRLLC), common use scenarios such as low-time delays in end-to-end such as the Internet of Vehicles, remote surgery.

Time Synchronization & Challenges

The application of 5G network brings more stream, user and network traffic changes.

In addition to the network traffic and the problem of base station synchronization, the base station needs to be processed. When the synchronization occurs, the data transmission will be disturbed, and the data needs to be retransmitted.

So the function of timing is to deal with the problem of data synchronization.

The R&D Core Competencies

UfiSpace is an innovative hardware solution provider and the abundance of passion and energy are the core values of our R&D team. Engineering R&D accounts for 66% of the company total headcount with majority of engineers having over 10 years of working experience.

66 %
R&D Engineers
88 %
Senior Engineers
100 %
100 %
Quality Assurance

We are in Early Access Program with major silicon vendors to ensure product TTM and maturity. Our core competencies also include Hardware Design, Diagnostic Tools & Integration, Firmware Development, SI/RF Simulation, and EDVT/MDVT Validation.

R&D capability also includes 3rd party software integration and automation/orchestration tools support.
Multiple Silicon
Product Solution
Automation /
Orchestration Tools
Software Platform

At UfiSpace, our team’s effort & focus have been mainly on high-end switch design to ensure our commitment to our customers for a faster TTM and state-of-the-art switch product.