New Venture, New Paradigm

UfiSpace, led by a seasoned industry veteran, had designed and provided end-to-end enterprise & data center network solutions to top tier OEMs & MDCs for the past decade. With both vision and passion, the team continued on with a new journey where they co-founded UfiSpace and are on a mission to pioneer a new paradigm by developing with top tier carrier and working with broad ecosystem to deliver open hardware and decoupled software solutions for the advent of 5G technology evolution.
At UfiSpace, we are unifying cloud and carrier network infrastructure on a white box solution together with orchestration and virtualization techniques developed by partners that opens the door to a more flexible, scalable & economical network operation when comparing to a black box solution.

A Holistic Approach To Disaggregated Solution

UfiSpace facilitates and provides Communications Service Providers(CSPs) the white box hardware platforms to run on open source software. We aim to accelerate and lower the cost of mobile 5G deployment by enabling commodity hardware with disaggregated software solution which in turn allows for a faster technology upgrade on open network platforms.


Telecom Networking


Cell site gateway router, comply with Open Compute Project


Telecom core router with 400GbE high-speed Ethernet ports


Telecom core router with 400GbE high-speed Ethernet ports and 100GbE Ethernet ports


Telecom core router with 400GbE high-speed Ethernet ports for S9700-23D & S9700-53DX